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Owners Overview

A few words on condo living…..

Single family home ownership is simple. You own the home and the land it sits on with the exclusive right of use and the responsibility to maintain the home and the land.

Condo ownership is a bit more complex. Every owner in the community owns the land, the buildings, the amenities and share in the cost to maintain it all. Owners are subject to the community’s Declarations and Bylaws, (the legal documents that dictate how the community association operates), local, state and federal laws as well as the rules set for the community by the association board of directors. A copy of the community rules and the declarations and bylaws are provided on this website.

The legal definition of condominium is: The absolute ownership of a unit based on a legal description of the airspace the unit actually occupies, plus an undivided interest in the ownership of the common elements, which are owned jointly with the other condominium unit owners.

Owning your condominium allows you to enjoy amenities such as the swimming pool, club house, large yards and grounds that you may not otherwise be able to afford or maintain. In condominium language these amenities are known as “Common Areas”, the space owned in common with others.

Check out the links provided for more specific information about Chatham Village owner’s association.

**Owners need a password to access service requests and to view Board of Director’s Meeting minutes.

To obtain your password:

Contact Site Manager in person at business office located at 996 Chatham Lane, by phone 614-459- 8331 or click to email us through the contact form.

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